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Posted:I'm looking for parts in the London area to make some firestaffs/staves (sp?). Have looked around a few places like B&Q, Homebase, a local woodyard, a local gardening centre, etc. I havn't been able to find any stong dense wooden shafts or any strong shafts of metal that won't bend. All I find is wooden dowling and easily bendable metal. I've thought about putting the two together with the dowling inside the metal but none of the dowling is the right diameter to fit snuggly inside the metal. All the dense wood i find is always to thick, and any brooms there are with the right wooden shaft are to expensive when all i'd be using is the shaft.
Can anybody suggest some other kind of place to try or even better some specific places to get these parts? Would be very much appreciated smile

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Posted:You could buy a nice shiny new staff?

Ummm.. i guess if you just want parts a hardware store would be best. if they dont have the correct materials it probably wouldnt be to hard for them to get them.

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Posted:I get my aliminium direct from a supplier. its way cheaper and i buy in bulk. so i can make a few sticks at a time.

depending on diameter of the dowel your using youll always have to sand it down


get looaods of news paper cover it in PVA glue and wrap it around a thinner dowel till you get the size you want.

slide it in, clean up the mess and voila.

fireproof dowel.

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Posted:clap Good call ado-p

You could always try old tent poles(Old style tents)
Ask scout groups they always have broken stuff around some where(But I didnt break anything!)

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Posted:Aluminium tubing is often available from garden shops because it's used to make fruit cage frames.

don't think my mum was as impressed with her wonky fruit cage as i was with my spangly new staff!!


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Posted:ado-p (or anyone else!) - Would you let me know which supplier you use? I can't find anyone local that will supply aluminium. They all give me a funny look and ask me what I want aluminium for and then give me an even funnier look when I tell them.

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Posted:i learned the art of staff with a 32mm guage pine broom handle.
served me a treat it did, and it eventually ended up being bequeathed to another twirler!

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