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Posted:hi again

i had many shows the last weeks and one of the most frequently questions was :
"who teached you all this stuff?"
my answer was : "myself , i only learned some few things from the internet "
and now my question to you : how did YOU get your staff skills ? iam the only one person in this area who's really quite well in staff skills . dont wanna pose , it's just a fact . did you have a teacher ? a good friend of me is also a really good juggler and breakedancer and he says that my discipline really impresses him .

bye , max

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Posted:In fairness I didn't teach you much - I just showed you what to do and you could do it!
FNF gave some good tips too I seem to remember, you just seemed to pick it up in about 10 minutes
Sickening *wanders off mumbling about talented people and how I had to work for my skills*

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Posted:i heard smallboy got his skills from tesco

i however have yet to pick up a stick so my skills are non-existant

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Posted:please cole, pick not up the stick, there are enough already.


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Posted:Don't worry nix, its when I pick up some Poi that everyone should run for cover!

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