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Posted:Since no one has mentioned it yet I thought I would put a thread up about whats happening in Durban.
There is an amazing group of people involved in the production of Poi and fire chains.
They also organize a weekly workshop and general get together for anyone interested in FIREDANCING. {Thursdays from 5:30pm @ Berea Park Essenwood rd Durban. Fire dancing starts around 8:00pm}.
If you are interested in Poi, fire chains, staff, Devil Sticks..... get there!!!

If anyone else knows of other groups/events please let the rest of us know.

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Posted:Thursdays? No way I'll ever be able to make a Thursday!

How long does it take to drive to Durban from Jo'berg anyway?


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Posted:If memory serves me correctly, I think it's about a six/seven hour drive. Could be wrong, haven't done it quite a few years...

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Posted:Well, ive just started a group in jo'burg if anyone is interested - 5pm on every sunday afternoon at eastgate, roof top parking by entrance 10. The first is tommorow.

If you are interested CLICK HERE to find more info on it.


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