Reviews on Single 5.3oz (150g) LED Glow Contact Juggling 2 3/4 Inch (70mm) Ball

Reviews on Single 5.3oz (150g) LED Glow Contact Juggling 2 3/4 Inch (70mm) Ball

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     24th August, 2017
One of the balls stopped working
"One of the balls stopped working and started glitching after only a month of incredibly light use. Have bought new batteries, cleaned the battery contacts and everything to no avail. Would recommend but be cautious."
, Canada  [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Mar 2017

Reply from Home of Poi: "Have message the customer with trouble shooting if this does not work a replacement will be shipped for free."
     29th July, 2017
Great service great product
"Very happy with my juggling balls and very happy with customer service . I had an issue and was fixed in a timely matter"
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Mar 2015

     13th June, 2017
I love these balls
"Well weighted and seemingly indestructible. . I'll be back for more"
, New Zealand  [Verified Buyer]
GOLD Member since Jan 2017

     29th May, 2017
"The LED glow juggling balls have good weight and are mesmerising to look at. Takes a bit to get used to when juggling for the first time, but very entertaining for those watching."
, Australia  [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since May 2017

     25th April, 2017
Supercool LED juggling balls
"These are a big hit- look amazing at night and quite impressive, good feeling for juggling.recommended to me by staff and love them!"
, New Zealand  [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Apr 2017

     15th April, 2017
Glow Fun!
"I ordered these as a birthday present for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves them. He has had them for a week now and plays with them multiple times a day and they are still bright and vibrant so I am not sure how long the batteries last but it seems like a while. They fade beautifully and make for quite a show, I love to watch him juggle! The weight is nice....they are certainly heavier than regular bean filled juggling balls but it isn't bad. Just make sure that you have them turned on when juggling because if they are not on the switch sticks out of the ball slightly and got jammed when it hit the floor. We just had to use pliers to pull it out. No harm done. Great purchase!"
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Mar 2017

     30th March, 2017
Yep cool
"Quickly and perfect"
, New Zealand  [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Mar 2015

     21st March, 2017
"These juggling balls are well weighted, a nice size, easy to use and very pretty! Great value product and well made. Highly recommend"
, England (UK)  [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Apr 2004

     20th March, 2017
"These juggling balls are very easy to handle and show up great for night time juggling."
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Dec 2016

     6th February, 2017
Well shipped and great product
"I'm very happy with this product, me and my friends got it for a trip and it did its job. It came very quick in the mail and the batteries last a long time."
, Canada  [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Jan 2017

     30th January, 2017
Juggling Balls
"These are fantastic! Great weight and balance, also fit nicely in my sock poi set up so they have a great duel use. Will be practicing both to make the most out of this awesome purchase."
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Feb 2016

     6th January, 2017
Great Balls of Light
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Dec 2016

     3rd January, 2017
Great product
"Have had the juggling balls for a couple weeks now and enjoy them."
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Dec 2016

     2nd January, 2017
Great product!
"My son wanted glowing juggling balls- I had no idea where to find these and luckily google came up with Home of Poi! The product was shipped promptly and works great. My son loves them! Thank you!!"
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Dec 2016

     29th November, 2016
Crazy glowing balls
"It has been more than 5 months i have been using them, battery lasts long, infact i didnt change the batteries from then. robust (didnt find any issues even if dropped many times) very bright lights, very easy to pull crowd when juggling around."
, India  [Verified Buyer]
GOLD Member since Aug 2014

     29th November, 2016
They are an absolute hit!
"Not only were these balls reasonably cheap but they were delivered quickly to Australia and they work a treat. I've been using them every day for over a week now and there's no sign of them losing battery. They are really comfortable and easy to juggle with but they are heavier than your standard ball which may make prolonged juggling uncomfortable. I really cannot fault the product at all. Definitely buy these!!!"
, Australia  [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Nov 2016

     11th November, 2016
Amazing Service
"As soon as my order had been placed, I received confirmation if it and when it was dispatched! The online ordering service is fantastic. Great quality priducts that are reasonably priced!"
, New Zealand  [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Oct 2016

     17th October, 2016
Exceeded expectations
"Got my set of these the other week and they more than met my expectations. Been using them during my club meetings and they look fantastic. Would highly recommend them for inexpensive durable LED balls."
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Sep 2016

     9th October, 2016
So far, so good
"I've been using them almost every day since I got them about two weeks ago and they have been working great. Like the LED effects, the weight, size and texture. If they keep up the performance I could definitely see myself getting some more, perhaps of the multi-function."
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Sep 2016

     19th August, 2016
"they came fast and work flawlessly, they have a 1 year warranty but i highly doubt it will be needed. Will be my go to place for poi"
, Canada  [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Jul 2016

     31st July, 2016
Amazing juggling BUT...
"these balls are truly amazing. i bought the ones with the strobe effect and its amazing. they helped me out this summer with some street performances and people were mesmerized. only thing i have to complain is that the closing mechanism is a little too loose so every once in a while you have to check if these balls are not on by mistake. 5/5 juggling, also well balanced"
, Italy  [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Jun 2016

     18th July, 2016
nice preety ball
"The item arrive in time, and is fun and tripi. the only thing thet shold be better is the way the lid close. some time its open and close while playing"
, Israel  [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Jun 2016

     14th July, 2016
glow ball
"Great service! And the balls are amazing. Quite heavy and take a little getting used to but their strobe effect is quite startling. Looks amazing once they get thrown around."
, New Zealand  [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since May 2009

     13th July, 2016
it's good until it stops work
"about a week after i got the 4 juggling balls i ordered, one of them stopped working. :( so maybe take that in count and order a few extra or something"
, Israel  [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Jun 2016

     29th May, 2016
Great juggling LED lighting balls
"They are just great, a bit heavy and I was learning on smaller balls, but its surpringly easy to juggle with them, much easier and funnier when its dark. Delivery from NZ to AUS took nearly 2 weeks (I hoped parcel will arrive in 1 week), but it was worth to wait :D"
, Poland  [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Apr 2016

     14th May, 2016
Work great, even in areas
"Work great, even in areas with some lighting, thanks!"
, Australia  [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Oct 2015

     3rd May, 2016
it has not arrrived
"nope..cant..still dont have them:("
, Israel  [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Apr 2016

Reply from Home of Poi: "Very sorry to hear that your order has not arrived, we have emailed you directly with shipping dates and time and to confirm the address and if the parcel does not arrive by the latest delivery date an investigation will be started and free replacement parcel will be sent."
     27th February, 2016
Love them!!!
"Love them!!!"
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Feb 2016

     25th January, 2016
Shipping time was less than
"Shipping time was less than the estimated time given at time of purchase. The balls are exactly what I expected. Beautiful colors. Nice weight."
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Dec 2015

     25th January, 2016
"Arrived in 3 opened days.i knew the product so I wasn't disappointed at all! I definitely recommend it !very happy to finally get them :)"
, New Zealand  [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Jan 2016