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8th December, 2017
"I love the weight of these. It makes me feel like I am able to move very freely with them. The grip material is nice and I can practice with them for a while without any blisters. The price is great. Thanks guys~"
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24th August, 2017
Great poi, basic DVD
"These poi are great and I highly recommend them. They burn for a good amount of time and have a decent sized flame. Not too big not too small. The DVD however is short and includes moves that can be learned anywhere online, no offense. I've used the poi for weeks now and they seem like they have barely taken a beating. Seems like they will last a long time. Thanks home of poi!!"
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6th July, 2017
Really great
"These are very well made and everything seems very sturdy, I've used them with fire a few times and they stay lit for a good long session, and I got the single handle poi and they're actually pretty comfortable handles I was kind of surprised but now I truly know first hand how great these are. I've met a few people who have them and loved them too so I figured lets do it, and wasn't disappointed. Great job!"
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16th July, 2016
Birthday gift
"My son-in-law wanted and enjoyed the fire poi set we bought him. He entertained his birthday party guests with a demonstration of the fire poi lit. It was very entertaining, although the smell of kerosene, (I think), was strong. He had fun twirling the fire poi without any incident. Although mesmerizing, it's not my cup of tea."
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5th April, 2016
Exactly what I expected!
"Love my purchase, ill be doing business with Home of Poi exclusively from now on."
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15th September, 2011
"The swivels at the top and bottom have made plane control easier. I recommend buying these poi. Thanks agian home of poi for selling a great product"
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27th July, 2011
Just Perfect
"These are my first own pair of Fire Poi and I love them since iv'e opened the bag and started playing with them. The Handles feel REALLY soft nothing compared to some other handles i have and the chain also feels some sort of soft. Orbitals with the swivels are so much pleasure :D. Haven't lighted them yet but i think they will be as perfect as my first impression :) To speak about the DVD: I highly recommend it even thoug i've seen a lot of the videos already on youtube. Nich is ab Perfect teacher I figured out a lot of the advanced moves (like 5 beat weave forwards and backwards Orbitals Flowers etc) within 10 weeks of playing :) Delivery was faster than expectet about 17 days from new Zealand to Germany with the cheapest shipping Option. Good Job Home of Poi"
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26th April, 2011
these guys are stunning!
"so i finally caved and bought my own set. it got tiresome always having to be with someone who had their own set of fire poi and borrowing theirs. i scraped together some cash and gave these suckers a try. they arrived today and i immediately took them out for a burn. they. are. IMPRESSIVE! i had never tried cathedrals before and wow! these produce a large beautiful flame. the double swivels are slick the handles are soft as ever and i'm getting a 7 minute or so burn using white gas. my order arrived in a little over a week which is great considering that they came from half way around the world. the chains are perfect and they are perfectly weighted for me. as for the dvd i've given it a scan and it seems awesome. i've learned most of my poi flow from nick woolsey's youtube videos and decided that i should show support since he has tought me so much. there are a few lessons that only come on the dvd and i would certainly recommend it! thanks HoP!"
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
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11th March, 2011
big fire
"i only had 65mm standard poi before but with these u can really notice the diffrence the flames are double the size i dont really think there for beginers make sure you confident with the trick before doing it with these poi"
, United Kingdom  [Verified Buyer]
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