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Purchase Bull Whip 5ft  
     31st December, 2016

"As a professional circus whip trainer, I have been recommending Karaka 1.5 mtr whips for beginners for some time, they don't compare in terms of flow or smoothness to a quality hand braided paracord nylon whip but they are what it says on the tin, tough, no nonsense whips that crack straight out of the box. So if you need a whip NOW and really can't wait for one to be made then this is for you. I have some in my workshop kit if you want to try first and check out my website for whip buying advice . Brownie points to HOP for warning me that if I buy more than two at a time I'd be liable for Customs charge and VAT charges to get them to the UK."
, United Kingdom.   [Verified Buyer]
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