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1st April, 2009
"Nick you are the greatest. Thanks for all the nice lessons and I like it because its not over edited. Great DVD super delivery from HOP. Thanks all thats Poiticipation"
, Switzerland  [Verified Buyer]
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22nd March, 2009
must-have for poipeople :)
"once more a substantial work from Nick! I've been working with the DVD for a few weeks now and there are still thousands of ideas to try out. and like the others already said...the DVD is worth buying it simply because of the inspiration part. Nick has a fascinating way of playing poi...he makes it look so easy and's a pleasure to watch and learn from!"
, Germany  [Verified Buyer]
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15th March, 2009
"Nicks done it again really good resource no matter how long youve been spinning high quality excellent footage teaching is clear and a really beautiful spin from Nick under Inspiration only managed about 5 mins of watching before i had to grab my poi and start trying things out! highly recommended!"
, United Kingdom  [Verified Buyer]
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28th February, 2009
Poi enthusiasm is contageous
"My honest reccomendation is to get anything you see with 'playpoi' written on it. Nick is a brilliantly creative guy and a gifted teacher. He shares his thoughts on how to learn some amazing moves... and those thoughts are priceless! He breaks movements down with an outstanding clarity that I've never seen anywhere else. My 5-beat weaves have reached near-perfection thanks to Nick's outstanding teaching skills. Also be sure to check out the website and youtube channel too for a goldmine of poi goodness! Oh and the inspirational fire dance is something else... that can't be found anywhere else. EDIT: I just discovered the buzzsaw flowers section... not sure how I missed it before but its AMAZING - they finally make sense to me now! LOVE this dvd :D"
, England (UK)  [Verified Buyer]
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23rd February, 2009
"I so love this DVD. The inspiration section is truly what it says inspirational. The lessons are easy to follow and fun. I also love the way Nick demonstrates how things won't work out when trying a new move. This is me and it gives me hope that with practice I will improve. And I am!"
, Australia  [Verified Buyer]
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21st February, 2009
"I love this DVD. Nick is by far the best teacher I have seen. He has a way of explaining things that just makes you get it. I hope someday I can go to one of his workshops and watch him work his magic in person."
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
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20th February, 2009
Good instruction DVD
"I bought this DVD as a present for my brother who really likes to play with POI. He was very satisfied with the DVD and told me he is now able to learn tricks which he couldnt do without the instructions on the DVD. Also the intro movie inspiration was very impressive and gave him some extra motivation to train with his POI. Regards Wouter"
, Netherlands  [Verified Buyer]
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16th January, 2009
Inspiring. Fun. Essential.
"Firstly this DVD is worth buying simply for the inspiration clip at the start. Nick says on his website that it is the best fire dance he has ever caught on film and in my opinion it may well be the best that ANYBODY has got. This clip really highlights how poi can be used powerfully and expressively as Nick is truly a master of not just poi moves but also style dynamics rhythm and timing. As the tutorials are geared towards intermediate and advanced levels you would gain most from this DVD if you can already weave turn butterfly etc although it is worthy inspiration nonetheless and the perfect compliment to The Scales of Poi. Also Adventures in Poi is also essential for anybody wanting to teach poi because Nick has a superb teaching style and goes into immense detail on each move. Plus by buying this DVD you are supporting Nick and Playpoi which is a great cause because he is a massive blessing to every poi artist and a genuine person to boot. Buy this DVD!!!!"
, Australia  [Verified Buyer]
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12th January, 2009
"Make sure you realize this is intermediate to advanced. I thought it was for beginners. Although no harm done because the beginner videos are online on so I can learn from those and when I finish the beginner series on the website then I can start with this DVD."
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
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6th January, 2009
And adventure for Christmas...
"I bought this for my partner who is poi crazy. He is very impressed particularly with the way the moves have been broken down and explained in great detail. Based on my partner's enthusiasm I reckon this is well worth the money!"
, United Kingdom  [Verified Buyer]
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23rd December, 2008
"This review is short and to the point.Best dvd i have brought it is good to learn from and the moves and content is brillant. Ivan(clicker1938)"
, United Kingdom  [Verified Buyer]
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16th December, 2008
"I have lots to learn still. :)"
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
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