Reviews on 2.7 inch Turbo Bounce Color

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11th April, 2015
, India  [Verified Buyer]
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Purchase 2.7 inch Turbo Bounce Color  
25th February, 2015
Babache Turbo Balls
"Hi Thanks for the Mr Babache Turbo Balls. They arrived fast and the price was great! The main reason I bought them was for their resilience - I went through many Silicone balls during my 16 years as a professional circus performer and found Mr. Babache's silicones to have the best feel and bounce but they kept disintigrating on me every couple of years. I bounce on all kinds of weird surfaces in my shows so I need strong props. The turbo bounce don't feel as great as the silicones in the hand - but they have a terrific bounce they look good and most importantly - THEY LAST FOREVER! Thanks a lot. Kulu"
, Israel  [Verified Buyer]
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