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     13th June, 2019

Good starter poi with very short battery life
"This is my first set of LED poi. They are nice and bright as well as nicely weighted. They are also soft enough to not hurt much when you smack yourself. The silicone casing ball has been quite durable over the last month as well. The only real downside is short battery life. The rechargeable batteries last about 30 minutes. It may be worth upgrading to a slightly more expensive LED poi ball and not worrying as much about battery life. The issue is fairly easy to fix, though, and I did so by replacing the stock battery with a 3.7V, 180mAh unit. This was the largest capacity battery I could solder in that would still fit into the plastic light casing and led to a battery life of a bit over 1.5 hours."
Good starter poi with very short battery life
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
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     8th September, 2018

"Had an issue with my last pair, and they shipped me new ones free of charge almost immediately. Great customer service! Happy with my new ones, thank you home of poi"
, Canada.   [Verified Buyer]
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