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Purchase 4 inch Pendulum Flex Color  
     4th October, 2019

They're amazing!!
"My order arrived today, im holding them now, and they're great. Heavier than I expected but that In my opinion, is definitely a good thing. I have a set of spinballs brand led point, which for their price are fairly decent. Colors are cool. Cord, eh. But these. Cord is thick and durable, not to mention puurrrtty, and the heads are durable as well and not near as thin/squishy as I expected. Again, a plus in my eyes. The weight will help with exercise for sure. If you're unsure , definitely give them a try. I ordered the medium length, could have gone with the large but these work just fine! All in all, very satisfied. Arrived to the US on the 7th day. :"
They're amazing!!
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