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31st July, 2017
For the lovers of fire this is the ultimate fist of flame.
"The name extra large Monkey Fist undersells the awesome fireball from these Gorilla Fists. Using regular white gas these wicks will burn a beachball to basketball sized orb of flame for 8-12 minutes. The construction is beyond solid, you can burn these over a hundred times. Fair warning, they are hefty. You better mind your shoulders if you want to do any antispin combinations with these. Personally I used these as a rope dart head for a particular type of performance. This pair of wicks is ideal and excellent value for me. I have heavily abused my first pair and now own another pair. Here is one of the wicks after at least 100 burns, and heavy abuse such as slamming the wick against concrete, sometimes repeatedly. Taking my pet fireball for a spin. A post shared by Phillip Godbout (@phalkors_fire) on Jul 6, 2017 at 5:09pm PDT"
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19th June, 2011
"These things are incredible they last long and burn bright making for very entertaining spins. Wear protection while on fire though burns are easy to get and make sure to have some good shoulder strength!"
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9th August, 2007
Definetely didn't change my mind
"I recently purchased the 5.5 inch monkey fists and I am very pleased with them. They are so incredibly heavy spinning them was an amazing workout; plus the flame they produced with the 8+ minute burn time was absolutely insane"
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