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9th June, 2016
Perfectly Length + Weight!
"I used to have a set of poi like these once.. I had to make several adjustments to them to make them spin the way I wanted.. I fell in love with them .. Then they got thrown away mistakenly when I moved... --- When I found that home of poi offered a similar set .. I instantly bought them thinking I would have to make similar adjustments to get them to spin right ... BUT these from home of poi were weighted PERFECTLY and the length was just right as well! I didnt have to make them heavier or cut some material off .. They are actually perfect for spinning right out of the bag. Each poi has a solid weight and the material is very light , vibrant in color , and not too long.. meaning you can do stalls and buzz-saws with relative ease. The material is securely sewn onto the weighted poi head making it easy to grab on to the tails and spin them in mid performance without worrying about it ripping out. And the price is way more than fair!"
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
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31st May, 2016
"Best angel poi. They just feel right."
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
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