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4th January, 2018
Fire Snake Pois with Knob Handles
"These fire snakes are great, has an appearance of a nice fan of fire in comparison to most other kinds of pois having a trail effect. The silicone handles feel great in the hands and if you work up to the point, you can do throw/ tosses with them."
, Australia  [Verified Buyer]
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Purchase Fire Snake Poi with Knob handle  
12th April, 2017
Angel Wings / Snake Fire Poi
"Cool fire poi that seem sturdy and well made. The chord has swivel and contact handles so controlling is easy. When lit produces a lot of fire and makes for good pictures. I totally dig these poi! Recommended if you want to emphasize the visual effect of fire. Burns shorter time than normal fire poi though, propably 3-3.5 minutes. You can not do hyperloops / tangle moves with these (or I can't and I think due to the structure of the poi it is not possible to do good hyperloops.)"
, Finland  [Verified Buyer]
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