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28th October, 2016
Contact staff buffer , with small problem countered
"Very gandy, the air drag and Moment of inertia added equipping the cover instantly grants a buff like +25 contact skill greatly increased the success and feeling when contacting my friends even claimed the cover as cheating , rofl. nice, fluffy head also protects against hurt when hitting yourself, which is, not quite often in staff. But poi heads hurt more, the buffering effect will be obvious. the small problem, is that there's no detail telling about the diameter of the cover, and the cover is not elastic, making it hard for fat staff fireheads, or non-mainstream staff wicks to equip. I need efforts,much to plug the wicks in the cover"
, Taiwan  [Verified Buyer]
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17th October, 2016
very nice furple color but...
"I bought this fulaffy and satisfied with design but color was a little bit different from the sample picture"
, Japan  [Verified Buyer]
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