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13th October, 2016
Good, but..
"One of my main issues with this is product is that it is already breaking at the seams, I would recommend it as it is a nice holder for the contact ball but can break easily."
, New Zealand  [Verified Buyer]
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Reply from Home of Poi: "Have emailed customer directly for photos to show our manufacturer. If fault is found a free replacement will be sent. Kind Regards Sam."
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6th January, 2016
"No metal rings on the inside, to scratch up my acrylics. Perfect!"
, Canada  [Verified Buyer]
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8th November, 2015
Review of 3in Clear Acrylic Contact Juggling Ball
"Great product, fantastic website, great service! Mailed from NZ to USA and the box containing the ball was a bit damaged, but the ball wasn't scuffed at all! It had a nice plasticy wrap protection and it was in a box and that box was in a bag lined with...I think it was bubble wrap, if I recall correctly. Of course, with my luck, I managed to scuff it in like 2 seconds, but that isn't their fault :P Anyway, great product, if I really get into contact, I'll probably be buying 1 of every color!"
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
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28th February, 2014
"Really lovely quality thick fabric and high quality strings."
, Australia  [Verified Buyer]
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21st December, 2012
Convenient protective case
"This pouch is well made and lined with a soft material that ensures my Acrylic ball won't get scratched. I use a 65mm ball and this pouch fits it easily."
, New Zealand  [Verified Buyer]
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8th December, 2012
Carry Pouch for Acrylic Balls
"When I received my order I was surprised that not only all of the equipment was such high grade equipment. But that even the cheap bag I purchased was far beyond quality expectation. This is a site and product I would suggest to anyone looking for only the best at decent prices."
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
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