Reviews on 2.6 inch Implosion Silicone Color

2.6 inch Implosion Silicone Color  
28th March, 2018
un peu decu
"Je suis un peu decu, je m'attendais sentir une vrais difference avec d'autres balles de jonglage standart mais finalement pas tant que cela, et je trouve le grip un peu glissant. Au del de a le produit est de bonne qualit ."
, Switzerland  [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Feb 2018

2.6 inch Implosion Silicone Color  
9th January, 2018
Very nice
"These clear balls are made from a much grippier material than the SIL-X balls, which I find easier to use. I was worried they'd be hard to see but while juggling the liquid tends to fill the ball giving a solid visual effect. I'll be getting more of them."
, New Zealand  [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Jan 2017

2.6 inch Implosion Silicone Color  
22nd July, 2017
Solid ball
"The picture is deceptive because the silicone filling stains the ball. You won't ever get a clear section as shown in the pic. The balls are a perfect size and weight however and they are extremely nice to juggle with. They have a good grip about them and the silicon filling is popular with the kids. As long as you realise the silicone swirling around won't look as dramatic as it could, these are a very good ball."
, Australia  [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Nov 2016

2.6 inch Implosion Silicone Color  
22nd June, 2017
A great smaller toss juggle ball
"this is a great ball for toss juggling 5,4 or 3 balls, they have a slight sticky feel that helps when collecting several balls in one hand. The colors are extremely vibrant in sunlight."
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
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2.6 inch Implosion Silicone Color  
18th January, 2017
"I finally upgraded myself from tennis balls and couldn't be happier. They are well balanced and a bit grippy and make trying new tricks do much easier. I got the green ones and they are so bright they seem to glow in daylight. Very happy with this purchase, worth every cent!"
, Japan  [Verified Buyer]
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2.6 inch Implosion Silicone Color  
28th October, 2016
Visually and functionally phenomenal
"Feels amazing to toss and throw. All the colors are vivid and clean. Looks great in black light. Even though Russian balks are supposed to be better for contact juggling I've found these balls arent bad for arm/hand rolls either. They don't bounce too much off the ground which is nice but they will still give a nice bounce off your knee or elbow or head. The weight feels really good and the material is soft with a little give but not too squishy. If you think this concept sounds visually pleasing to you I highly recommend them. I enjoy their look and feel all around. Really have fun practicing with these."
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
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2.6 inch Implosion Silicone Color  
30th June, 2016
Fun and functional
"These are fun to use and as I'm a beginner at juggling they are also quite robust."
, New Zealand  [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Aug 2015

2.6 inch Implosion Silicone Color  
31st May, 2016
So fun!
"Amazing product! Awesome to juggle, and mesmerizing too!"
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since May 2016

2.6 inch Implosion Silicone Color  
3rd April, 2015
"I love these balls! They are so balanced. Throws feel amazing. They even allow for contact moves. Spectators are usually curious about the liquid."
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
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2.6 inch Implosion Silicone Color  
13th June, 2012
nice balls
"I am realy happy with these balls. They have a bit more grip than the Sil-X what makes it easier to catch them."
, Germany  [Verified Buyer]
GOLD Member since Jan 2012