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28th October, 2017
Great value for a very good price
"This is my first firewhip, however i have several bull- and stockwhips in my collection, so throwing a whip in general is not new to me. Because it's not a plaited whip, it is a bit on the wobbly side, but after some adjustment it still handles beautifully. The handle itself is on the heavy side and does it's job together with the heatshield wonderfully. It asks for a more relaxed and elegant way of throwing it for a satisfying experience. I have only tried it for one evening, so i can't say anything about it long term, or how long it will last before the kevlar breaks. In short: great value, would or better will buy again."
, Austria  [Verified Buyer]
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20th April, 2017
"The perfect length of whip, allowing a variety of tricks. Was not expecting how cool and large the fireball that is created with 'cracking' the whip."
, Australia  [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Mar 2017

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27th September, 2016
Love my fire whip!
"This is my first fire whip and I absolutely love it! Service was outstanding and took less than a week to receive it from New Zealand! Highly recommend House of Poi for all your fire play needs!"
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
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12th October, 2011
Fire whip
"What a fantastic creation! A new toy to add to my arsenal and I'm as chuffed with it as I was everything else I've bought from you. Service is brilliant as always another job well-done!"
, United Kingdom  [Verified Buyer]
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6th September, 2011
"so much fun so much flame. I love them drool. well worth the money spent and will be buying more in future."
, Australia  [Verified Buyer]
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