Triple Pack Colored Flame Additive

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Triple Pack Colored Flame Additive
  • Triple Pack Colored Flame Additive
  • Triple Pack Colored Flame Additive
  • Triple Pack Colored Flame Additive
  • Triple Pack Colored Flame Additive
  • Triple Pack Colored Flame Additive

Fire Poi, Twista Fire Poi

Triple Pack of Colored Flame Additive

A Triple pack of color flame fuel additive.
Makes one litre of Emerald Green flame fuel and one litre of Ruby Red flame fuel and one litre of Yellow Flame fuel.
See: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

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Your benefits
  • Bonus triple pack of Red, Green and Yellow flame fuels will wow your audience.
  • True green, red and yellow flames for the duration of the burn while spinning without fading into disappointment.
  • Clean burning with no annoying smoke.
  • Full instructions provided make this easy to use.
  • Added value to your performance, particularly for professional spinners.
Fire Poi, Twista Fire Poi Purchase includes access to the following online resources
PDF File
Fire Safety Sheet

Online Lesson
Fire Training Video

PDF File
Colored Flame Cautions and Safety

PDF File
How to use Colored Flame Dyes

About Triple Pack of Colored Flame Additive
We have been searching for many years for something we were happy to sell to produce colored flames, and all this time we have been disappointed with the result when used on poi/staff.
The lamp fuels we tested looked ok until you spun them and the other options also had various issues.
Finally, however, we can bring you an easy to use and reliable colored flame product.

This pack contains three colors producing three litres of colored flame fuel.
when dissolved in pure methylated spirits (also known as denatured alcohol/shellac reducer) .

These are designed only for alcohol based fuels as explained above.
We also recommend new fire heads that are free from glue.
We have upgraded our cathedral heads to be the perfect companion, or you can get one of our starter packs at a special discounted price.

  • 1x bottle Emerald Green fire dye liquid.
  • 1x bottle Ruby Red fire dye liquid.
  • 1x bottle Yellow fire fuel dye liquid
  • Complete instructions.

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