Edge Lit Acrylic S-Staff

Edge Lit Acrylic S-Staff
  • Edge Lit Acrylic S-Staff
  • Edge Lit Acrylic S-Staff
  • Edge Lit Acrylic S-Staff

Performance, Glow toys

Single Edge Lit Acrylic S-Staff

Acrylic Fluorescent S-Staff naturally absorbs light and then glows brightly on its edges for a fantastic effect.
S-staff creates amazing spinning illusions.
Breaks down similar to the Buugeng S-Staff.

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Your benefits
  • Strong pivoting Neodymium Magnets keep everything together.
  • Fantastic fluorescent edge-lit acrylic shapes for added visual appeal.
  • Configurable to create many shape illusions.
  • The unique spinning hole makes spinning easier.
  • It also glows brightly under UV light!
  • Amaze your friends with this unique multi-function prop.

Purchase includes access to the following online resources
Online Lesson
Your Online S-Staff (Buugeng) Lessons

Online Lesson
How to assemble unpack Acrylic S Staff

 We will also email you these online resources.

About Single Edge Lit Acrylic S-Staff
Because the magnets are so strong, each magnet comes with a lid or metal disc to fully enclose and contain the strong pulling forces during transport.
The only way to remove these is to slide the lid/disc to one side until it is away from the magnet.

All Neo magnets should get handled with care.
They can easily pinch skin if caught between lid and magnet.
Also, keep them a safe distance from any electronic memory devices such as credit cards, memory sticks, cassette tapes, SD cards, etc., i.e., a range where the field has faded to negligible.
We suggest keeping the lids for encasing the magnetic fields.
Although quite robust, like acrylic balls, these too should not be dropped heavily onto harsh surfaces or sharp edges as chipping and cracking could occur.
  • Total weight 550g all parts.
  • 6 x Magnet Metal Cover/Lids
  • 6 x Neodymium Magnet in Nickel plated Cold Rolled Steel Cup
  • S configuration total length = 68cm, 26.5inch
  • Blade thickness 6mm, 1/4inch
  • Material: Fluorescent Acrylic

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Staff - S shapeGlow toys
     29th September, 2017
Fabulous light weight, great size for child
"Ordered for my son's birthday as mine is just too long to go comfortably under his arm. This one is just right and he loves the extension/shaper bits that he can add. Got ine in green and one in orange and he loves to interchange the colours. Really pleased with it and the speed of service and delivery. Thank you"
, United Kingdom.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Sep 2017

     29th July, 2016
Amazing color under light
"I purchased this as a birthday gift for a close friend and couldn't be happier with the choice. Under certain lights, this Green lights up quite nicely. Product comes still in the paper seal to keep from scratching, and after removing this, it is quite beautiful and fits together flawlessly."
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Jul 2016

     26th December, 2012
Freaking Amazing
"these are wonderful!!!!!! I got them for my little brother and they are the best! the paper wrapping on them was a little confusing but once I realized to take it off they are beautiful! Especially in blacklight!"
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
GOLD Member since Jul 2011