Pair Ninja V4 LED Poi

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Pair Ninja V4 LED Poi
  • Pair Ninja V4 LED Poi
  • Pair Ninja V4 LED Poi
  • Pair Ninja V4 LED Poi
  • Pair Ninja V4 LED Poi
  • Pair Ninja V4 LED Poi
  • Pair Ninja V4 LED Poi
  • Pair Ninja V4 LED Poi
  • Pair Ninja V4 LED Poi
  • Pair Ninja V4 LED Poi
  • Pair Ninja V4 LED Poi
  • Pair Ninja V4 LED Poi
  • Pair Ninja V4 LED Poi
  • Pair Ninja V4 LED Poi

Performance, Glow toys

Pair of Ninja V4 LED Poi with WT4 Ball Handles

Release the Ninja in you with these purpose built Ninja LED Poi. I am excited to tell you that our latest versions of... Continue
Release the Ninja in you with these purpose built Ninja LED Poi.

I am excited to tell you that our latest versions of the Ninja LED Poi have now arrived.

***New Ninja V4 LED Poi***

Thanks to all the great feedback from our hardcore Pro Ninja spinners we can now offer you an even better product.


- All small components are also glued onto the circuit board for extra durability.
- Extra 20 modes plus a "demo" mode which scrolls through a selection of the custom patterns.
- Memory function, restarts at the last setting it was on when turned off or battery dies.
- New comfort 8mm Colecord and attachment system.
- New, more reliable and durable electrics.
- Thicker reinforced base.
- Rechargeable AA Battery NI-MH 2400mAh included.

Designed by Poi spinners for Poi spinners!

Become the ultimate light show!

Save 15%
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Only:USD $ 88.38 Per  pair (Before: USD $ 103.98)

  •   pair
  • Availability: In stock, usually ships within 24hours*
    (*excludes weekends and holidays).
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Your benefits
  • This stunning performance LED glow poi will enhance any spinning routine.
  • These are the brightest LED Poi that we sell.
  • No protection or extra cases required.
  • Designed with an optimum weight for better spinning control.
  • Discover 84 awesome patterns, effects and colors + demo mode.
  • Ribbed for your pleasure, 7 x Soft PVC outer cushion rings greatly reduce impact.
  • Optimized for rechargeable size AA battery (Included free with each Ninja poi), friendly to the environment.
  • Push button layout makes for an easy on/off switch.
  • Very smooth ball-bearing motion, prevents twists and reduces your tangles in cables, chains and cords.
  • Perfect for your 'Orbitals' and 'Hyperloops' where long duration spinning is required.
  • Extremely durable Silicone rubber handles for long life.
  • Ergonomically shaped ball handle for comfort and control.
  • Adjustable HOP Colecord Leashes.
  • Complimentary poi carry bag included
  • New WT4 knob benefits
  • Positive Grip surface for secure spinning
  • Adjustable weight cavity for tuning throws
  • Comfort designed to reduce cords rubbing away your skin on your fingers from over use.
  • Improved Control of your Poi
  • Complete smooth finish with no unsightly large hole at the top
Performance, Glow toys Purchase includes access to the following online resources
PDF File
Ninja Led Poi Guide

Online Lesson
Your Online Poi Lessons

About Pair of Ninja V4 LED Poi with WT4 Ball Handles
Extra thick ABS walls gives better weight and added protection, special 'C' shaped PVC rings provide an impact barrier protecting the spinner and the unit from harsh knocks.

Uses the more common size AA battery (1 required per unit) and uses circuitry that boosts the voltage to keep a constant light output until the battery is flattened.

NiMh battery gives minimum 5+ hours of full brightness fun, far longer times can be obtained depending on the functions and modes used.

A total of 84 colors/patterns.
Mode 1.
Rainbow, Slow Fade, RGB Flash, Multi-step chase, Triple phase rainbow.
Mode 2.
Solids, Multi-solid...
in multiple colors.
Mode 3.
Chase, cogs, stars...
in multiple colors.
Mode 4.
Strobes, cogs, stars continued in multiple colors.
Mode 5.
Mixed solid and strobes, waves and stars in multiple colors.
Mode 6 and 7.
Custom patterns the HOP team designed, see chart below for some examples.
Mode 8.
Demo mode, cycles through 40 patterns, each pattern 10 seconds long.

  • 84 functions + demo mode from 3 Full colour LEDs
  • 7 x Soft PVC outer cushion rings
  • Requires a single size AA battery
  • Weight: (with Battery) 102g / head
  • Length = 7 inch / 175mm
  • Width = 1 3/8 inch / 35mm
  • Barrel is approximate size of a No.9 Swivel.
  • Axle, Barrel and Rings are custom made.
  • Adjustable HOP Colecord leashes

  • Average customer review for service and support: 4.9
    Number of reviews: 4016.
  • We are dedicated to providing you with safe, quality products plus all the support you could ever need.
  • Our friendly support team is here to assist you with every aspect of your order.
My Guarantee to you
Malcolm Crawshay, Managing DirectorMalcolm Crawshay, Managing Director"If you are not 100% satisfied with our goods for any reason then return to us within 30 days of opening for a complete refund for the goods."
That is my personal promise
Malcolms Signature
Malcolm Crawshay
Managing Director
Home of Poi Ltd

4th January, 2018
Ninja V4 review
"No complaints with the poi- they have beautiful colors, seem durable, and my boyfriend loves them. The batteries it came with, however, do not seem of the same quality. Luckily I had extra lithium ion batteries from my hoops to use with the poi, so now they work fine. The handles are great to hold, and I like how they come in customizable colors. Overall, a very nice product."
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Dec 2017

15th June, 2017
"My ninja poi have elevated my game to the next level. Brighter than any glow poi I have ever used, they are well balanced, soft on my hands, the spinners are smooth, and I am having no trouble doing stalls (the only complaint I have seen about them). They are the best light poi I have found (without spending a small fortune)."
, Canada.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since May 2017

6th May, 2017
Stunning !!!!
"I received the Ninja V4 LED Poi yesterday and tried them tonight - just stunning, really awesome. They are very bright, the colours and patterns are lively and absolutely beautiful. Playing with them is so much fun. The weight works perfect for me, the adjustable cole cord doesn t tangle. They can be used with rechargeable batteries, which is eco friendly - the brightness of the LEDs is great with both rechargeables and single use batteries. I like the fact that it is possible to get spare parts, too. I just love those pois and I would buy them again. Awesome, can t wait for the warmer summer nights to play."
, Germany.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Mar 2017

6th April, 2017
Great for spinning
"Not great for stalls"
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Mar 2017

29th July, 2016
These things are Amaze-Balls! New slogan. Write it down.
"Purchased these as my first set of POI, and I couldn't have been blown more away, than if they were two sticks of dynamite. The brilliance and longevity of the batteries and LED's are amazing. And the weight, well they do seem as if they could be used as a ninja weapon afterall. Go spin POI and battle crime at the same time! Win."
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Jul 2016

15th April, 2016
Blown Away
"I'm blown away by this company for the following reasons:"
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Jan 2014

6th December, 2015
"This is perfect!! Thanks!!"
, Spain.   [Verified Buyer]
GOLD Member since Nov 2015

10th April, 2014
OMG :)
"first off thank you so much home of poi for these amazing lights. they are way better then i could have ever imagined their so bright and such a pleasure to watch and spin. weight is great ever mode is lovely and i have yet to stop playing with them. they came 6days early thankfully i could not stand to wait much longer. i have nothing bad to say about them they truly are amazing but they do hurt lol and i got my rope a size to big but still they are hands down my favorite poi ive yet to spin. once again thank you so much. much love and happiness :D"
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Mar 2014

10th January, 2012
"wow these are awsome way better then i was expectin so many beautifull modes I recomend to all"
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Dec 2011

9th January, 2012
"STUNNING LIGHT SHOW AMAZE YOUR PEERS SO MANY SETTINGS VERY PAINFUL TO HIT YOUR EARS WITH BRILLIANT POI BEST BIRTHDAY EVER Seriously So many settings its crazy. They blow flowlights clear out of the water. Well worth the money. The only thing I could ask for it to have is a demo mode so that i dont have to stop spinning to see more pretty colors!!"
, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Dec 2011

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