PodPoi and USB cords

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PodPoi and USB cords
  • PodPoi and USB cords
  • PodPoi and USB cords
  • PodPoi and USB cords
  • PodPoi and USB cords
  • PodPoi and USB cords
  • PodPoi and USB cords
  • PodPoi and USB cords
  • PodPoi and USB cords
  • PodPoi and USB cords

Performance, Glow toys

Pair of LED glow PodPoi with Micro-USB cords

Pod poi feature many modes and functions ranging from awesome poi trails to scientific strobing to gorgeous mood lighting.
Comes with 1 pair of long micro-USB cables.

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USD $ 109.95 Per  pair

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  • Availability: In stock, usually ships within 24hours*
    (*excludes weekends and holidays).
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Your benefits
  • Each mode is adjustable either in color, speed, brightness or pattern.
  • Rechargeable Battery via Micro-USB.
  • Comes with 1 pair of long micro-USB cables.
Performance, Glow toys Purchase includes access to the following online resources
PDF File
Pod Poi User Guide

Online Lesson
Your Online Poi Lessons

PDF File
LED Capsule Light Unit Users Guide

  • Poi head weight: 128g
  • Size: 118mm long and 66mm in diameter (4.6 x 2.6 inches)
  • Leash with swivelled single loop handle.
  • Material: Silicone rubber shell and polycarbonate light capsule
  • Battery: 3.5-4.2v, 750mAh rechargeable Li-ion
  • Micro-USB: Maximum power draw of 500ma
  • LEDs: 4x super-bright RGB LEDs
  • Comes with 1 pair of long micro-USB cables.
  • Micro-USB: Maximum power draw of 500ma
  • LEDs: 4x super-bright RGB LEDs - total of 12 LEDs!

  • Average customer review for service and support: 4.9
    Number of reviews: 3814.
  • We are dedicated to providing you with safe, quality products plus all the support you could ever need.
  • Our friendly support team is here to assist you with every aspect of your order.
My Guarantee to you
Malcolm Crawshay, Managing DirectorMalcolm Crawshay, Managing Director"If you are not 100% satisfied with our goods for any reason then return to us within 30 days of opening for a complete refund for the goods."
That is my personal promise
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Malcolm Crawshay
Managing Director
Home of Poi Ltd

24th July, 2017
Best Pois ever!!!! I Love them!!!
"I love playing with them!! They have a good weight and really don't hurt when I hit myself. The colours are strong and bright and the battery lasts very long. I only changed the finger-cords, I took the black once from the ninjapois, I bought before. -Like them more!! Good is that I don't have to worry about breaking them, when the pois hitting each other. Best Let-Pois for beginners, kids and sure, profs!!! -I find! Also very good is the price-performance ratio!!! The Covers I bought with the Pois are very nice and make them more attractive during daylight. I'm glad I ordered them!!! I can just recommend the PodPois most warmly to everybody who likes/loves to play with Ledpois. Namaste"
Natalie Moeller, Austria.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Apr 2017

19th July, 2017
Yay pod poi
"I bought these to replace my cheap, broken, off brand glow poi and they are 100x better! I've already smacked a wall with one and it held up great in addition to all the awesome color settings. I'm happy with these!"
Alexis Albrecht, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Jan 2017

2nd July, 2017
Favorite LED poi
"These have to be the best LED poi I have ever used. They are durable but soft, so they don't hurt when they hit you. The color range is phenomenal and the patterns can create a range of experiences. It took some time to get used to the very simple 1 button control, but I absolutely love it now that I'm used to it. The battery life is long and the recharging is easy with the micro USB. Would recommend for any level user to add a whole new level of enjoyment to your spinning."
Sean Burgess, Canada.   [Verified Buyer]
GOLD Member since Sep 2004

27th June, 2017
"I used to spin poi when I was younger and I used the oggs. I went looking for them recently in the depths of my closet and couldn't find them anywhere. I then hopped on HOP hoping to find them and all that ever came up were these Podpoi. By this time I was slightly angered that couldn't find them, though after watching many poi videos and seeing them using these Podpoi I decided to give them a try and boy I was not disappointed! I carry them everywhere with me. Literally everywhere, they're always in my purse and every opportunity I get I take them out. Even to discreetly spin them under my desk at work when it's slow :). These things are so addicting and made it so fun to get back into the poi world. PS. The boyfriend is hypnotized by them also. He finds them very fascinating to watch. So you know the audience loves them too!"
Catherine Hurley, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Jun 2017

21st June, 2017
"These have been beaten around a bit and are still in full working order the only compliant I have is they don't come with knobs as an option. Other then that the actual product is perfect and I haven't stopped using them."
Zack Licitis, Australia.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Apr 2017

16th June, 2017
Pod poi
"Excellent product Came with a bag and even a clip! Easy to charge and easy to use the settings. Delivery did seem to take a long time, but that could've been because I was excited to receive this product."
Hollie Laforge, Canada.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since May 2017

5th June, 2017
Jay for Flowtoys
"So glad to have my pod poi. Thank you Home of poi."
Chris Chadwick, New Zealand.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Feb 2017

29th May, 2017
The best all round poi you can buy.
"These are the best poi you can buy, at any stage of your learning these look great, last all night and are rechargeable. The patterns look great, the flowleesh is awesome and comfortable, and they don't hurt when they invariably hit you in the legs, body, face.. etcetera! The best part about ordering from HOP is no doubt their service, they were the only seller to ship to the country I live in, and it was great receiving a package from my home country of New Zealand!"
Luke Tearle, United Arab Emirates.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since May 2017

29th May, 2017
Love my pods!!
"I owned these before I got pregnant with my youngest. Now that she's 2 I started playing again. I purchased these not to long ago and there amazing. Help keep me fit and calm . Great way to have some mom time when my girls are asleep. Thank you home of poi will be purchasing more toys when I can afford : P my nieces want some too ; P"
Walle Rose, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Mar 2017

29th May, 2017
my pod poi have arrived!
"A few friends had these and I had a spin with them so I knew they were great so had to buy a pair for myself. Plus the no hassel warranty lets you spin with not a worry in the world. If you haven't got a set yet, get some!"
Gianvito Dalessandro, Australia.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Apr 2016

23rd May, 2017
pod poi
"the pod poi them selves were awesome! I love the settings and they were very vibrant with the colors. however... they came with ZERO instructions! I didn't know how to adjust them, I didn't know how to switch through modes or set presets, I didn't know what was fully charged or not or even if they were charging correctly. they were solid blue when I first charged them (that's supposedly a bad battery) but after unplugging them and re plugging them back in.. they charged the correct way. all I'm saying is instructions should have been included with the product considering I paid a good amount of money for them. I had to rely on the internet and youtube just to figure it all out."
Dennis Kennedy, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Apr 2017

Reply from Home of Poi: "Sorry you did not notice our emails. We email all the PDF instructions for the products we sell after payment. This was in an effort to reduce paper usage. Also if you login into your account or view your order online it will show the links to all your resources (PDF instructions, guides and free lessons) relevant to your purchases."
17th May, 2017
Pod Poi rule!
"The pod poi from Home of Poi has invigorated a new passion for spinning poi . It's a bit heavier than I anticipated, but in a good way. The color schemes are incredible, and it is just so much fun! Home of Poi hooks you up with a number of free instructional videos along with your purchase. A great way to learn how to master new flow!"
Bryan G, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Apr 2017

16th May, 2017
"They are the second pairs I bought to learn 4-poi spin. Who said no pain no gain, with these pods ... no pain but you can gain!"
Lexxorcist, Thailand.   [Verified Buyer]
GOLD Member since Mar 2014

15th May, 2017
Fantastic poi!
"I've been looking for years for lightweight but properly propellant poi with LED that wouldn't burn out instantaneously and I've finally found them."
Chloe Perelgut, Canada.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Apr 2017

15th May, 2017
"These Poi are durable and fun to use! They get untangled easily and are the perfect weight!"
Morgan Toombs, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Apr 2017

12th May, 2017
Fantastic - As Always
"This is the 2nd pair of PodPoi we've purchased; I can't say enough great things about them. Perfect for beginners; the bruising is nearly nonexistent. We love the micro USB charging - so convenient. There's a good range of color and pattern too."
Dana, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Apr 2008

9th May, 2017
My first poi
"As a beginner with poi probably the best thing I can say about these is it doesn't hurt when you hit yourself anywhere except in the balls. After looking at the very first lesson and adjusting them to the proper length I fixed that problem as well. Love the weight and customisation options, especially that it saves your settings when you turn them off."
Nicholas Kelley, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Dec 2016

6th May, 2017
Quality assured!
"This is by far one of the best LED poi i have come across! Would definitely recommend for first poi buy or upgrade from current poi."
Daniel R, Australia.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Nov 2016

4th May, 2017
"Great! having so much fun! so many colors ! best present to my self <3"
Bailey Munro, Canada.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Apr 2017

4th May, 2017
Great, love them!
"They came on time in perfect condition! I love the quality of the LED and ive hit my self already in the face 10+ times and no bruises or black eyes yet! Definitely great for beginners and experienced poi users."
Naomi Lavelle, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Apr 2017

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