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LARGE Fluffy Fire Covers
  • LARGE Fluffy Fire Covers
  • LARGE Fluffy Fire Covers
  • LARGE Fluffy Fire Covers
  • LARGE Fluffy Fire Covers
  • LARGE Fluffy Fire Covers
  • LARGE Fluffy Fire Covers

Personal Accessories, Bags/Covers

Pair of Fire Head Covers Large - Poi

Funky fluffy Fire head cover for your Cathedral fire Poi or Monkey Fist fire Poi.
Will also cover the Medium and Large Twista and Block fire poi heads (not Extra large).

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USD $ 16.74 Per  pair

  •   pair
  • Availability: In stock, usually ships within 24hours*
    (*excludes weekends and holidays).
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Your benefits
  • Protect your fire heads from damage and keep your clothes and gear clean.
  • Inner water and fuel resistant material.
  • Colorful fluffy faux fur highlights add character AND create a similar drag/air resistance to fire for practice spinning.
  • Quick adjust velcro fastening.
Personal Accessories, Bags/Covers Purchase includes access to the following online resources
PDF File
Fire Safety Sheet

Online Lesson
Fire Training Video

About Pair of Fire Head Covers Large - Poi
Quick fit/removal head cover to protect your fire heads during storage or practice.
Inner Fuel resistant material protects your other stuff from dirty, smelly fuel soaked fire heads.

  • Weight: 90g per pair.

  • Average customer review for service and support: 4.9
    Number of reviews: 3734.
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Malcolm Crawshay
Managing Director
Home of Poi Ltd

17th March, 2017
Red Fluffy Covers!
"I love them!! Other people love them! They make it easier to practice without getting blackened by the poi. And they re sooo fluffy!"
Lyndsey Garner, New Zealand.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Sep 2014

26th November, 2016
Fun, Fluffy, Fire!
"shipped in fairly quickly and is great for my monkey fists. fits snug and secures w/ velcro. easy on, easy off. try not to get the fluffies stuck in the velcro. great product!!"
Nick Tuong, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Jul 2016

4th November, 2016
"the poi covers showed up sooner then expected. little snug fit but they work great"
Chris, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Oct 2016

1st September, 2016
So fluffy!!
"So for a while now I've been looking at getting these as a means to store my fire poi more efficiently... And damn I'm glad I did get them! They fit my poi perfectly and it's actually pretty fun to spin with them on. Would definitely recommend!"
Kaleb, Australia.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Jul 2012

23rd August, 2016
cute and soft!
"These are great, they keep my storage area from smelling of fuel and they add a great little bit of resistance when I'm spinning without my poi lit!"
Brittany Panda, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Aug 2016

5th August, 2016
Fluffty Covers!!!
"Bright yellow fluffy covers for my monkey fists, so much yes! and these ones even fit my 90mm monkeys~!!"
David Feillafe, Australia.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Feb 2016

13th June, 2016
"These are a must have if you own any fire poi."
Kyle Hackenberg, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Dec 2014

30th May, 2016
"Rad little addition to the bells whistles and baddazles available by the one and only Home of Poi"
Charles Schuchmann, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Dec 2013

27th May, 2016
Good Covers
"Love the design of the covers. Spinning with them on my meteor hammer adds a bit of drag, making the heads feel heavier. Like using a weight on a baseball bat. Still a very good item."
Clestin Hohlt, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Apr 2016

20th March, 2016
Wun C., Taiwan.   [Verified Buyer]
PLATINUM Member since Nov 2012

10th September, 2015
Adorable & Functional
"They protect my poi from dirt and dust and keep me from being covering with little charcoal smudges when I am practicing unlit. Very nice, love them!"
Dawn Ritts, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since May 2015

27th May, 2015
fluffy holders
"Fits on the monkey fists a dream so vibrant and pretty super cute thanks home of poi"
Stephanie Flavell, New Zealand.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Mar 2015

26th May, 2015
Excellent service
"An excellent service is always provided by Home of Poi! They have more products than any other site I have found and at very reasonable prices despite being an international order. Thank you guys!"
Jo Owen, United Kingdom.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since May 2014

2nd March, 2015
fire poi cover
"they work very well and keep my clothe clean when practicing new tricks while keeping the wicks clean. they also give more of the feel of actual fire. they are really great."
Aaron Greene, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Nov 2014

23rd February, 2015
"Great does exactly what it says on the tin :)"
Shaun Mclaughlin, United Kingdom.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Nov 2013

20th February, 2015
Red Covers
"Brilliant! Love them! Looks like they are on fire all the time now. :D"
Simon Vivian, Australia.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Jul 2013

31st January, 2015
"I brought these for my firepoi but they were so beautiful i didn't want to dirty/stink them up. So ive been using them for other poi for added weight and effect and they are awesome. Now i just need an extra pair for my firepoi"
Ann, New Zealand.   [Verified Buyer]
GOLD Member since Dec 2013

22nd December, 2014
Awesome XD
"Great for Practicing and the colours are amazing :)"
Jamieson Sale, Australia.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Jan 2013

6th November, 2014
Perfect for Practicing
"I've gotten a few compliments from passers-by while I practice with these out in public. They are nice to have because my crystal POI are a bit longer and not as heavy as these so being able to practice with them w/o getting any black marks on my clothes is fantastic! An absolute must have if you like to spin ur fire POI while they aren't on fire."
Matthew Bournival, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Oct 2014

21st October, 2014
Perfect Covers!
"These are an essential part of a poi toolbox! Covers simulate the drag of fire which makes a huge difference when practicing! Also keeps the soot off clothing ;)"
Jennifer Mchaffie, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
GOLD Member since May 2013

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