Corded Fluffy Poi
  • Corded Fluffy Poi
  • Corded Fluffy Poi
  • Corded Fluffy Poi

Fabric Poi, Fluffy Poi

Pair of Corded Fluffy Poi

Fluffy poi set with adjustable cords.
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Your benefits
  • Dazzling colors.
  • Super soft and forgiving fluffy outer.
  • Secure and adjustable cords allows you to choose your length with ease and confidence.
  • A smooth spinning swivel makes these a pleasure to spin.

About Pair of Corded Fluffy Poi
Comfortable nylon handles.
Soft fluffy poi heads ideal for learning your favourite routines.
Adjustable Colecords with swivels.
Free poi carry bag.
Bulk prices available.
Suitable for beginners, performers, kapa haka, schools, universities, hospitals, occupational therapy, confidence courses or simply spinning with friends.

Pink, Yellow and Orange colors glow *slightly* under UV light

*How to Adjust the length of your Colecords*

Near the swivel pull the excess Colecord through the small circular ring to find your perfect spinning length.
Then mark the place where you will cut the Colecord next to the small ring on the excess cord.
Lengthen the excess Colecord to clearly show the mark then cut on the marked point.
Melt the end of the Colecord with a lighter to prevent further fraying, a small circular dish of melted Colecord will suffice.
Practicing the melting process can also be done on the excess off-cut of colecord before trying on your actual cords.
Once the melted disk has cooled and hardened pull the Colecord tight to the desired length again so that the small melted dish sits tightly next to the ring.
Happy spinning
  • Soft foam poi heads covered with attractive soft fluffy fabric.
  • Single loop nylon handles.
  • Adjustable 8mm thick Colecord
  • Weight: 6.5 ouncesper pair.
  • Free poi carry bag.

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