Flowlight Poi Set with Flowmass

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Flowlight Poi Set with Flowmass
  • Flowlight Poi Set with Flowmass
  • Flowlight Poi Set with Flowmass
  • Flowlight Poi Set with Flowmass
  • Flowlight Poi Set with Flowmass

Performance, Glow toys

Flowlight LED Poi Set with Flowmass

Durable LED lightstick with 11 light modes. Many people have asked for a heavier version with a more comfortable... Continue
Durable LED lightstick with 11 light modes.

Many people have asked for a heavier version with a more comfortable handle design so we have put together a set with Crystal cases and 1 x Flowmass for each Poi head including our very own HOP Colecord Pro V2 handles, #9 swivels and adjustable 8mm Colecords.

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Your benefits
  • 11 different light modes allow you to enjoy extra dazzling effects.
  • LEDs always run at full output so no more fading out into the darkness.
  • High impact construction for a longer spinning life.
  • Pick from fantastic colours to match your theme for the ultimate show!
  • Top quality 'ColeCords' provide perfect amount of 'boinginess' for greater ease of poi spinning.
  • Very smooth ball-bearing motion, prevents twists and reduces your tangles in the cords.
Performance, Glow toys Purchase includes access to the following online resources
PDF File
Flowlight Optimization Guide

Online Lesson
Your Online Poi Lessons

About Flowlight LED Poi Set with Flowmass
Flowtoys designed the flowlight from the ground up for maximum performance, combining the latest technology and components with high-impact plastics to create the ultimate LED glowstick.
Great for glowsticking, partying, performance, martial arts, festivals, concerts, bicycling, camping, mood lighting, fashion accessory.

Each Flowlight runs on 1 AAA (not included) at full brightness throughout battery life - does not dim.

Crystal cases and flowmass protect the lights, and also to add weight.

Super soft hollowed HOP Colecord handles for a superior comfort and ultimate spinning experience.
Combined with high grade #9 ball bearing swivels for smoother hyperloops and orbitals.

*How to Adjust the length of your Colecords*

Near the swivel pull the excess Colecord through the small circular ring to find your perfect spinning length.
Then mark the place where you will cut the Colecord next to the small ring on the excess cord.
Lengthen the excess Colecord to clearly show the mark then cut on the marked point.
Melt the end of the Colecord with a lighter to prevent further fraying, a small circular dish of melted Colecord will suffice.
Practicing the melting process can also be done on the excess off-cut of colecord before trying on your actual cords.
Once the melted disk has cooled and hardened pull the Colecord tight to the desired length again so that the small melted dish sits tightly next to the ring.
Happy spinning

  • 5.11 inches length handles including swivel
  • 0.59 inches width handles
  • Single Flowlight =1.3 oz mass with battery
  • Complete single poi head weight= 4.1 oz
  • 0.31 inches Thick Colecords
  • High intensity LEDs
  • 2 x Flowlights
  • 2 x Crystal cases
  • 2 x Flowmass

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Malcolm Crawshay
Managing Director
Home of Poi Ltd

19th October, 2016
"Dear Sir's I purchased the Flowmass Poi set as a gift for my grandson. He loves them. They are exactly what he wanted. He says, the strapes are easy to handle while he is performing. The color selection is AWESOME! They arrived 10 days after purchase. We will purchase our next set from you. Thank you Sincerely, William"
Willam Heffington, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Sep 2016

29th September, 2014
Thanks SAM!!
"HOP customer service is excellent. especially SAM who is very cooperative. my first order delivery got sent back due to some local regulations at my country then Sam helped me getting the amount refunded and sent a new one within 2 weeks. not to mention the quality of the silicon led poi which I ordered it is Amazing!! lots of modes fabulous colors and high technology. You are the best guys keep up the great work."
Ahmad Khamis, United Arab Emirates.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Aug 2014

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