Fire All-Stars Volume 1

Fire All-Stars Volume 1

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DVD - Fire All-Stars Volume1

Fire All-Stars Volume 1 is a documentary that will inspire spinners to take it to the next level - and inspire you to step outside the box, tackle your fears and follow your dreams!
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Your benefits
  • Fire All-Stars Volume 1 takes you on a journey through the lives of fifteen of the most dedicated fire dancers in the world, each a master of their art.
  • From Japan to France, South Africa to the United States, this documentary digs deep into the international fire community revealing the passion that drives these unique artists.

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About DVD - Fire All-Stars Volume1
Features fifteen of the best fire dancers in the world: Yuta, Imakokode, Sage, Noel Yee, Zan, Dai Zaobab, Rovo, Arashi, MCP, Andy House, Ronan, and Lester, Kamala, Hannah and Jade of Fire Groove
Inspiring interviews
Never-before-seen moves
Hilarious behind the scenes footage
Showcases a variety of fire tools including poi, double staff, contact staff, hoop, fans, meteor and more
Unique insight into the international fire community

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    Poi DVDsAll DVDs

         11th June, 2010
    "so good to hear the people i've been stalking on poi websites and youtube tutorials open up about how and why they spin very inspiring!"
    , USA.   [Verified Buyer]
    SILVER Member since Aug 2009

         3rd November, 2009
    Simply awesome
    "This is something I wanted to see for a while I've always loved to see interviews with some of the more amazing spinners out there and a DVD devoted to these interviews was a great idea. The footage is great and seeing it while hearing each spinner's personal philosophy to learning and creativity is great. Listening to each of these approaches to spinning can open a lot of doors in your creativity and I'm really glad I bought this :)"
    , France.   [Verified Buyer]
    PLATINUM Member since Jan 2004

         30th July, 2009
    I can honestly say this is the best fire video out there
    "I immensely enjoyed watching this fire video. I'm a poi spinner and was really glad to see such a variation in the types of toys - staff double staff contact poi chucks swords hoops meteor... while not neglecting my fav style of poi! It's edited really well has great music and has quite interesting interviews of each performer. Don't be put off by the first 20/30 mins or so - it's all about Firegroove and their team which tends to drag on with scenes of them walking randomly around festivals and talking about their history. It soon kicks in a higher gear when they get to each performer and when they arrive at Firedrums. Would highly recommend to anyone else."
    , Australia.   [Verified Buyer]
    GOLD Member since Apr 2008