Other payment options:

No credit card? - List of other payment options

Other payment options:

VISA, Mastercard,Amex,Western Union,Solo,Switch


When you select this payment option, when 'checking out', you will be redirected to Paypal to enter your payment details. Paypal is an independant international payment gateway.
Once you pay them, paypal will contact us imediately and update your order as paid ready for us to begin the shipping process.

Western Union Money Transfer.

When you select this payment option, when 'checking out', you will be given further instructions.
Find your local Western Union agent here..
Sending money with the Western Union Money Transfer service from an Agent location does not require credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, memberships or citizenship papers.
Pay the Agent cash to cover the transfer amount plus applicable fees. The Agent immediately processes the transaction and will give you a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).
Please reply to the email order confirmation with your Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) so funds can be picked up. Goods will then be shipped out to you.

Debit Card. (switch/solo)

This is only possible through the paypal payment option.
Please select the PAYPAL option in the check out process.

How do I use PAYPAL?

Gift Voucher.

This is a Voucher that you can get your friends to send you.
When you are sent a voucher you are given a special link to click.
You don't need a Home of Poi account to receive or send the voucher.
Gift Voucher Details

Direct Credit (New Zealand only or orders over USD$1000).

Due to large bank fees associated with international bank transfers (over USD$20) we do not accept this method of payment from accounts outside of New Zealand unless the order value is over USD$1000 or you are willing to add the bank fee to the amount payable.
Please contact us for further details or try paypal option (see below).
New Zealand residents will automatically be displayed the Direct Credit payment option. After clicking this option an email will be sent to you with order confirmation and our bank details to complete the transaction.


Another option to try is transfering the money from your bank account to the paypal payment gateway who will then pass the funds on to us without extra bank fees payable.
How do I use PAYPAL?