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Fire rope dart - ball head  
22nd November, 2017
smart rope dart
"a lovely weight and a nice length of rope. more than you need so you can adjust it accordingly. Burns well too. Thanks Home of poi :)"
Danny Rumgay, Ireland.   [Verified Buyer]
GOLD Member since Aug 2013

Ball Head Rope Dart  
8th November, 2017
really good quality, cheap way of dwelling into ropedart
Vincent Mangiante, Canada.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Jan 2015

Fire rope dart - ball head  
11th October, 2017
Excellent quality dart
"Received the rope dart quicker than I had thought I would. Opened it up and immediately started playing with it. Granted this is my first rope dart so I can't compare to anything else but I've really enjoyed it. The only thing I don't like is getting rope burn. Haha. But I'm guessing there isn't any way to avoid that aside from wearing gloves. I recommend this dart though!"
Mike Kuhel, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Apr 2013

Glow Ball Head Rope Dart  
26th September, 2017
Great glow for the flow
"Great glowtoy, just what I was expecting. Nice smooth glow-in-the-dark effect, head seems durable, and is soft enough not to damage yourself. I have already made a new order via this site. Have a nice flow!"
Romans Novarro, Latvia.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Aug 2017

Fire rope dart - ball head  
21st August, 2017
A whole new world
"First time playing with a rope dart and this one is amazing, was concerned about getting it for my first one but it is great!"
Justin Rive, Australia.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Jul 2017

Monkeyfist Rope Dart  
31st May, 2017
I enjoyed this
"I am new to rope dart, so I don't know much, but this was a nice one to start with."
Frederick Miner, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Oct 2016

Fire Rope Dart - Large Twista Head  
6th May, 2017
Performs well
"I had heaps of fun with this product. Would highly recommend for experienced fire performers or rope dartists."
Daniel R, Australia.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Nov 2016

Monkeyfist Rope Dart  
27th April, 2017
Perfect Starter Rope Dart
"I purchased the monkeyfist rope dart as a gift for a friend who has been wanting to work with a fire rope dart. This item is perfect for him to practice with before moving on to fire. The material is strong and the weight of the rope and the monkeyfist make for easy and fluid movements."
Aperkins, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Apr 2017

Fire Rope Dart - Large Twista Head  
27th December, 2016
"I got this for my boyfriend on Christmas. He absolutely loved it. Great quality."
Mikayla, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Dec 2016

Monkeyfist Rope Dart  
7th November, 2016
I'm Excited!
"I've never used a rope dart before but I can't wait to get into it. This was delivered quickly and in great condition."
Amanda Lewis, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Aug 2016

Fire rope dart - ball head  
29th August, 2015
Fire Rope dart - monkeyfist head
"This product was quickly shipped and the item was in perfect coniditon upon arrival. Teh head is nice and heavy and it flies pretty straight. My one issue is the kevlar rope and chain they use for leashing. The rope binds to itself and is not a prime choice for a leash. Secondly most rope darts use about 2-4 inches of chain. This rope dart has about 3 feet of chain which makes it inaccurate when used for shoots and makes the rope tension when shooting disproportionate to the heads momentum because of this amount of chain. I'd suggest HOP change the material used and cut down ont he chain. This item was indeed what I ordered but my preference forces me to give it a 4/5"
Brian, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Jul 2012

Fire Rope Dart Cord  
23rd February, 2015
"Great quality and way bigger than i was expecting it too be. But I'm sure that just means there is extra cool stuff i'll be able to do with it."
Shaun Mclaughlin, United Kingdom.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Nov 2013

Monkeyfist Rope Dart  
23rd February, 2015
Great for Practice!
"Absolutely great for practicing and beginners! My friends and I have been having a blast in the local park!"
Kat Bolado, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Jan 2007

Fire rope dart - cylinder head  
11th February, 2015
the service is real
"Great service super fast shipping and excellent quality product the dart is beautifully weighted. Will definitely buy from these guys again :)"
Shabda, New Zealand.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Jan 2015

Monkeyfist Rope Dart  
11th October, 2014
Good Quality
"I bought this as my first practice dart since I started getting into flow and such. It is of nice quality and the monkey fist is very tight and well done. The rope was a little long for my height but I cut it down and it worked great. I did end up putting two old socks over the knot for two reasons. Hitting myself in the head hurt and I do it on concrete and it caused the rope to fray a little. Other than that awesome product. P.S. The rope is super bright orange."
Johnny Anderson, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Sep 2014

Fire rope dart - ball head  
8th February, 2014
great product fantastic construction
"This is a high quality rope dart. Very sturdy with a good weight. The thick kevlar rope is very comfortable to work with. Chain is a bit longer than imagined but I think this is a plus. Sturdy hardware and monkey fist produces a great torch that lasts much longer than my hand-made props. Arrived on east coast USA when specified. Will order from HOP in the future. Very sturdy hardware and construction. In fact the product is so clean and pretty I am reluctant to dirty it. Lol. Thank you House of Poi you have made one more happy customer!"
Shank Rainbow, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Jan 2014

Monkeyfist Rope Dart  
1st April, 2013
Rope dart
"I bought this as a practise one before using the fire dart.. Great fun and great for day time"
Kim Green, Australia.   [Verified Buyer]
GOLD Member since Dec 2012

Fire rope dart - ball head  
1st April, 2013
Rope dart
"This is fantastic. Takes a bit of practise. But looks grest"
Kim Green, Australia.   [Verified Buyer]
GOLD Member since Dec 2012

Monkeyfist Rope Dart  
19th March, 2012
Monkey Fist fun
"Great toy!!! super fun to play with! although spacial awareness is an absolute must with this one id highly recommend the rope dart to any ninjas out there that are keen to expand their toy collection and since ive had mine i have been able to teach multiple people how to use it with ease and a hint of reverence."
Troy Janson, New Zealand.   [Verified Buyer]
GOLD Member since Dec 2011

Monkeyfist Rope Dart  
31st October, 2011
Rope Dart
"I loved this product. the rope feels great as i swing it around. the weight of the monkey fist at the end of rope makes alot of the tricks easier to accomplish. Thank you for this great product."
Scott Mcdougal, Australia.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Oct 2011