Beginners part 1, Helicopter

Beginners part 1, Helicopter

Staff - Helicopter

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  Published on 20 Apr, 2009
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Flow DNA
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Post20th Oct 2010 10:08 AM 

I'm going to have to disagree with you here mate. The helicopter is not the move you were trying to do. It's the idle position that you were launching the trick off of. Helicopter is essentially a horizontal tick-tock (or horizontal-idle).

I tried looking this trick up but I can't find an official name for it. I guess you would call it the Helicopter Propeller or Horizontal Forever-Spin, except that you'd have to spin it for a little longer to call it "forever"

Ask me about flow, and prepare to listen for the rest of your life, or tell me to stop talking eventually...

Comments/replies: 1


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