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Poi - Meltdown

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  Published on 14 Apr, 2009

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Member #79746
Reged: Sep 2008
Post14th Oct 2008 7:24 PM 

So this is essentially a weave behind the back is it? confused2

Member #83272
Reged: Nov 2008
Post18th Nov 2008 9:35 AM 

something strange, i don't see in this something incredible or special

Member #83578
Reged: Nov 2008
Post30th Nov 2008 3:20 PM 

"something strange, i don't see in this something incredible or special"

Alright, this comment has always bothered me. First, this video is in the beginners part two section -- you shouldn't expect something incredible or special.
Second, it is actually useful. This move makes you more comfortable with working behind your back.

To those confused: (I think I understand this)
Try a low turn to the right with just your right hand, then try the same hand motion without turning your body.
A) If you do it right, the Poi will pass behind your back and come forward on your left side.
B) Essentially, each Poi swings forward once across the body and then immediately does A

If this doesn't help, try youtube XD

Member #73344
Reged: May 2008
Post16th Apr 2009 7:15 AM 

Not really. Its a cross between a 2 beat waist wrap, and a full body crosser.
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Jeff C
Member #97318
Reged: Aug 2009
Post21st Oct 2009 9:46 AM 

Another great tutorial, and thanks for adding the transition ideas at the end, too.
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Member #116566
Reged: Aug 2010
Post25th Aug 2010 8:53 PM 

Well this is absolutely NOT so easy how it looks...however it doesn't really seems easy to me...the movements are easy to remember, but try not to hit your legs doing this!!..mine are already livid..

Member #130610
Reged: Apr 2011
Post27th Apr 2011 11:43 AM 

meltdown mind meltdown. i love this move

Member #132420
Reged: May 2011
Post6th Jul 2011 10:26 PM 

Isn't this just a meltdown? I thought the "mind" part was doing it at your shoulders/ around your head.

Member #165088
Reged: Jan 2013
Post25th Jan 2013 10:12 PM 

Pretty positive it is a meltdown only, i believe the mind meltdown terminology came later.

They transition together well though smile

Comments/replies: 9


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