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Again begin doing the Butterfly.
Wait for the Poi to reach the bottom of its path and then on the up swing pass your left hand over your left shoulder.
Let your hand flop behind your shoulder with your palm facing towards the sky as the Poi again reaches the bottom of its path.
On the up swing bring your hand infront of your body and back to original butterfly position.
Do a few beats of Butterfly and then try it with the right hand going over the right shoulder.

Mexican Wave.

When you have the Alternate Butterfly going well try continually flopping left hand then right hand behind the back with no standard beats of Butterfly in the middle.
This will result in one Poi always infront of you and one always behind you. They will cross and swap places above your head at the top of each swing.

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Member #90690
Reged: Apr 2009
25th Apr 2009 10:45 PM 

Teehee mexican wave is fun!!
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Member #91377
Reged: May 2009
7th May 2009 2:26 PM 

Im a beginner and i juuust mastered the alternate butterfly -- FINALLY . Gosh, i got it going with my right hand, but was having a horrible time with my left. And then i was tucking from the poi .. LOL Though, im good at it now.. I can keep it going good.. Now im starting to try the mexican wave.. AND NO GO . lol Not yet atleast .
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Member #101557
Reged: Nov 2009
5th Jan 2010 4:58 AM 

Isn't that a windmill?

Member #111259
Reged: May 2010
29th May 2010 9:07 AM 

start with your left

Member #146838
Reged: Feb 2012
12th Jun 2012 7:51 AM 

mexican weave* smile

Comments/replies: 5