, History of Maori POI in New Zealand.

  • Poi uploaded by Odette

    Photo supplied by Odette
    Practicing poi


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Sirric Webb
Member #189285
Reged: Mar 2014
22nd Mar 2014 3:50 PM 

I like this. i wanted to just say thanks for posting about your individual and cultural opinion and views. this was important to me for the store i am going to open. more a dojo really. i just want people to get to know that world is not as bad as some make it out to be, and poi is my door to do this.
i am 46 years old and learned the performance art side of poi this past year. it has in fact changed my life. so world peace and spin like the universe. peace

Sheryl L
Member #199540
Reged: Sep 2014
9th Sep 2014 7:32 PM 

I am studying Raranga we are doing History of Taranaki Poi this week, I have found this interesting. Its similar and different to the whakapapa of our Poi. Many Thanks

Comments/replies: 2