Hybrid wraps, Body to Neck (Hybrid Wrap)

Rope Dart - Body to Neck (Hybrid Wrap)

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  Published on 15 Mar, 2011

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Post15th Mar 2011 3:31 AM 

Sorry my head is cut off in this video, If was trying to make sure that what was going on around by torso was clearly seen at all times... to avoid confusion.

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Post15th Mar 2011 3:36 AM 

Also to avoid confusion, ignore the first time i do this wrap. I do it from the other side and i it looks different and requires a different movement though it is technically the same wrap. I will elaborate in a future video. smile

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Post25th May 2011 4:53 AM 

Start by thinking about what you want to say first, then start the camera, do the move, then talk about it.

Comments/replies: 3


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