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Poi - horizontal cat eye

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  Published on 13 Nov, 2010

its a tough one to explain, but its basically a lot of forced momentum. you won't be getting a lot of help from gravity on this one. also knowing your horizontal floats will come in handy. just keep in mind you're following the isolated poi head in split time. if anyone has any advice they'd like to add, please do.

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Post18th Nov 2010 2:59 PM 

For horizontal cat eye vs. Iso i usually put them in split time and they look a lot better. Same time works for vertical because the heads are going up and down at the same time, now if you switch that to horizontal, they're still meeting up at the top and not at the sides like you want, making the move look funky. Making your Iso's smaller will help too.

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Post22nd Nov 2010 9:43 PM 

right on. thanks for the advice! i've since made them a lot prettier. in the video they're a tad diagonal

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Post3rd Dec 2010 7:53 AM 

and just as a side note the isolated Poi head only serves as a point of reference for where your hand should be to keep the cat eye working. your hand should ideally be working in a unit circle and my hand is following the iso head in split time. when the iso head is up the cateye head is down and and vice versa

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Post27th Feb 2011 11:18 PM 

be on the look out for a revised version of this with tons of variations and more helpful demonstrations

Comments/replies: 4


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