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Begin doing the butterfly with the right Poi handle hooked around the index and middle finger.
Bring the wrists together and slip the left Poi handle into the grip of the lower two fingers of the right hand.
Take your other hand away
Notice in the animation the way the hand moves as if shaking hands with someone.
To come out of this grab the left Poi handle with your left hand and pull your hands out into a giant butterfly move.

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Comments/replies: 2
Member #100578
Reged: Nov 2009
3rd Dec 2009 4:50 PM 

I love it, I use it all the time now, though it's easier to do with longer poi I found, either way, top vid smile

Member #116708
Reged: Aug 2010
8th Jan 2011 4:38 AM 

dude your poi are like uber long XD
Dancing with the flames,
Fire in our hearts, fire all around
We feel the breathing of the fire, we feel the spirit of the fire,
we hear the rhapsody of the fires wild flames

Comments/replies: 2

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