, The Theory Behind Crossers


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Reged: Jun 2007
2nd Jan 2008 4:27 PM 

Now THAT was a great explanation! Thanks Nick, And HOP!!!
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Reged: Dec 2008
5th Jan 2009 11:11 AM 

Easier in smaller pants! You're awesome ^_^
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Jared B.
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Reged: Jul 2009
24th Jul 2009 2:55 AM 

THANK YOU SOO MUCH. I finnally got it.

Jeff C
Member #97318
Reged: Aug 2009
25th Sep 2009 12:45 PM 

oh... its in split time...

im gunna go try and dislodge my poi from my head now -.-;;

Convert to polar!

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Reged: Jul 2010
19th Jul 2010 3:57 AM 

Me and my spinnin buddies call crossers a "straight jacket"

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Reged: Jun 2010
27th Jul 2010 1:58 PM 

is there a difference between this and the butterfly crosser other than how u get into it

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Reged: Feb 2011
22nd Apr 2011 4:51 AM 

Im so lost because from what I get from it is that when the poi cross in front of you after you cross your arms one is going up and one will be going down, I cant get the two different arms to do different patterns. idk what im doing wrong maybe im going into it wrong or my bodys just not turning right i cant get it down or even close
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14th May 2012 12:08 AM 

Whenever I get it into position my right hand (I'm right handed mind you) starts doing its thing but my left hand starts spinning the opposite direction and I can't get them both into position. I'm super frustrated..... But trying this and throwing in some nonsense in between I can do the archer windmill now. Wierd.

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Reged: Jun 2018
12th Jul 2018 1:00 PM 

This is soooo helpful thank you!

Comments/replies: 9