Basic Hoop, Basic Hoop

Basic Hoop, Basic Hoop

How to make your own gear - Basic Hoop

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  Published on 19 Sep, 2010

In case you ever wanted to make your own, here it is..

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Member #120698
Reged: Oct 2010
Post1st Nov 2010 1:06 AM 

Finding this tubing is damn near impossible >:(
Do you know a site to get it at?

Member #2
Reged: Nov 2003
Post1st Nov 2010 9:31 AM 

Irrigation stores and plumbing merchants should have what you need.
We also have parts available at HoP
Make your own Hoop parts

May your balls always burn

Member #127770
Reged: Mar 2011
Post2nd Mar 2011 6:54 PM 

home depot! or lowes/menards. 3/4" irrigation tubing

Member #127220
Reged: Feb 2011
Post27th Jun 2011 6:24 AM 

Awesome video, love all the explanations!

Member #59816
Reged: Sep 2007
Post22nd Sep 2011 11:19 AM 

does anyone know if this method works well for Isolation Hoops aswell?
Wondering why Kamikaze pilots wore helmets

Comments/replies: 5


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