Beginners part 2, Chasing the Sun

Fire Breathing - Chasing the Sun

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HOP • Published on 9 May, 2006

Swing both Poi in front of your body in the same direction.
Wait for the Poi to reach the bottom of their paths and then on the up swing pass both hands over your shoulders.
Let your hands flop behind your shoulders with your palm facing towards the sky as the Poi again reaches the bottom of its path.
On the up swing bring your hands infront of your body and back to the front.

Your hands should always be the same distance apart from each other all the time.

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Member #57857
Reged: Aug 2007
Post27th Aug 2008 8:11 PM 

This trick is nicer when doing it in split time

Member #86181
Reged: Jan 2009
Post14th Jan 2009 10:43 AM 

this is pretty much giant shoulder reels

Member #94903
Reged: Jul 2009
Post14th Jul 2009 7:09 AM 

I've done this in split time but not together... kinda looks like i'm going to smack myself in the face lol.

Member #103755
Reged: Dec 2009
Post7th Jan 2010 4:22 PM 

Isn't this in split time a 2b windmill?

Comments/replies: 4


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