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chris farrow
Member #91354
Reged: May 2009
11th May 2009 5:42 AM 

Im sorry but I don't think you have the skill or the knowledge to really be teaching anything and you have all the terminology wrong, making things very confusing for any beginners who are trying to learn properly.

Carson W.
Member #93853
Reged: Jun 2009
24th Jun 2009 2:55 AM 

Yeah, what he calls "idling" I call "tic-toc"
What he calls "horizontal idling" I call "helicopter"
What he calls "helicopter" I call... well I guess it's like a "one-handed helicopter"
What he calls the "forever spin" is just a regular one handed spin.

I'm surprised his terminology is so different.

Flow DNA
Member #120032
Reged: Oct 2010
20th Oct 2010 10:21 AM 

This is a common issue with devil/flower sticks guys. Lots of tricks have multiple names, and probably even more tricks have no name at all.

It's happened because there's not enough players, and the devil stick community isn't tight enough yet for the names of tricks to be standardised the way they've mostly been with poi. Give us a decade or so and we'll probably have it much more sorted out. lol.

PS. one-handed helicopter is when you do helicopter with one hand going back and forth doing the part of both hands.

PPS. I've even heard people calling helicopter "around the world" so "horizontal idling" doesn't seem all that wierd at all.

Ask me about flow, and prepare to listen for the rest of your life, or tell me to stop talking eventually...

Comments/replies: 3

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