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Internationally renowned manufacturer and supplier of... Poi, Fire Fans, Juggling Balls, KEVLAR® Wick, Hula Hoops, Staff / Poles, Juggling Clubs, Diabolo, Devil Sticks, Performance and Fire performance arts equipment.

  • Catering for true beginners to leading professionals.
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  • Pay by Credit Card, Debit Card, Paypal, Money Order, Western Union.
  • 5 stars for service. Previous customers provide  25680 product and 4094 company testimonials  to help you decide.
  • Money Back Guarantee on the price of the goods, if not 100% satisfied.

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Competition Entries

  • hello...1st Place
  • Mienne on the Oregon Coast2nd Place
  • Flames of Sin3rd Place
  • Lets be well well well
  • Hoopie
  • Lockdown
  • taking time
  • Contortion flow
  • You cant come near me, if I am surrounded by flames...
  • Imaginary prop friend
  • Cradles galore
  • Contact Juggling 90s Style
  • Zen flow
  • Crystal Ball Alcove Dance
  • Just stay at home
  • Backyard fun
  • Sun clock city isolation
  • Dragonstaff Practice in the wood🙏
  • Indoor fire fans
  • Sacred Fire!!!
  • Enjoy The Outdoors
  • Fire Eating practice
  • Fire Fairy

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