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Wonderful World of Color

2014 National Theatre On Ice, Burbank, Ca., An artistic showcase figure skating competition, Marlene skating with Rainbow Poi prop! photo credit: Cynthia Slawter Photography
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Wonderful World of Color

As picked by HoP
1. Wonderful World of Color entered by Marlene Bernstein
2. War & Peace entered by Yuval Rei Koren
3. Fire Giant Dream entered by Alden Rodgers

No. 1
Sock scale
No. 2
Daniele Testa Yantra
No. 3
Ninja Poi and LED Hula Madness
No. 4
War & Peace
No. 5
PodPoi and Belly Dancing
No. 6
Wonderful World of Color
No. 7
spin all the things!!
No. 8
Twice burnt
No. 9
Artistic Love
No. 10
Synchronised Handstand Hooping
No. 11
Hoop and Poi :D
No. 12
No. 13
Fire Giant Dream

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