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  • MUST READ: To prevent transmission of COVID-19, we are instructed by Government to work from our homes. Only essential Services (Food, Medical) remain unaffected.
  • This means we can continue to accept orders, provide support, and online lessons, but are unable to ship many parcels until at least 25 April.
  • smileBUT WAIT! These product lines are still being shipped now thanks to our partnerships: UltraPoi, Ignis-Pixel, GloFX, and Flow-DNA
  • We thank you for your support and wish you all the best during this very difficult time. For additional help see our Looking after you > Healthy Excercise > COVID-19 Help..

Contact form

 Sales Assistant

1. Instant Response

What can I help you with?
Search our large database of answers, guides, advice and tools. Get our help now, without waiting for us to get back to you.

2. Enquiry Forms

If you do not get a copy of the enquiry then you will most likely not receive our reply either.
Please check your 'Junk' and 'Deleted' email folders and SPAM filters within your email client.
If you still can not find any emails from us and you are a member then to go View copies of our emails.

3. Email

Our New Zealand Support Centre is currently closed on Sunday.
We're open from 08.00am to 04.00pm, Monday to Friday
(Current time in New Zealand is 08:59:02 AM Sunday 29th of March)
Email: support (at) homeofpoi (dot) com

6. Factory Sales

All orders should be made on our website.
We are primarily an online order warehouse/despatch location and we do not have an actual physical shop available to the public.
Most products are custom made for online orders within our strict manufacturing and packaging schedules.

Visitors: Regarding Covid-19, to protect our staff we have temporarily closed our facility and shop area to Visitors. All orders are to be made online.

7. Our postal address

Payments or correspondence can be posted to (postal address).
  Home of Poi Ltd
  PO Box 6271
  Christchurch, 8442
  New Zealand

Product returns or samples can be shipped to (street/courier address):
  Home of Poi Ltd
  36A Sonter Road
  Christchurch, 8042
  New Zealand

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