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Purchase 2 7/8 inch Pendulum PX3 Color  
12th April, 2010
Another must-have poi!
"These poi in the hands of the experienced AND the ones climbing their way there are unimaginably amazing. Some moves I've had difficulty with had begun opening themselves up on this set these are great for learning. Some moves I've had fear doing with this set had begun being not-so-scary these are forgiving - I'm not afraid of hitting myself with this set! Some moves I've had are simply easier with this set this part needs no more said. What makes this set truly unique though is the weighting. It's very well weighted and the rope stays taught when performing a throw making it a lot easier to perform and learn throws! One of the best sets I've used by far."
, Australia  [Verified Buyer]
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Purchase 3D Death-Star fire heads  
14th March, 2010
Most awesome fire poi heads. Ever.
"I lit these up a few days ago and I've only gotten around to writing the review now - the shock of how amazing the fireballs were has finally faded! These have THE BIGGEST fireballs for any fire poi head I have ever seen! They need quite a bit of fuel and quite a bit of effort to extinguish but it's well worth the effect! If you're aiming for the most spectacular effect on your poi get the 3D Death-Stars."
, Australia  [Verified Buyer]
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Purchase Portable Blacklight  
13th December, 2009
Useful and fun
"It's very useful and fun to use good for static fluorescence (e.g crystals chemicals special cards etc) but not so great for things that move (e.g poi or people). I'd like it to be stronger but this is very cost effective as is."
, Australia  [Verified Buyer]
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