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Purchase Crystal Case  
4th October, 2014
"To me there's no point in having the flowlights without these. Just for the record they do yellow under sunlight exposure! But otherwise they are perfectly well designed."
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
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Purchase Flowlight FS  
25th March, 2010
Flowlight (Water I)
"Excellent! The 12 modes offer so much variety and life and I love that the batteries are rechargeable - don't have to spend extra money or time getting the more awkward battery sizes that are usually used for LED poi. The battery doors are sometimes a little tricky to get off at first but simple once you get the hang of it. Did I mention that these are beautiful? I love using these for glow spinning. So practical. As a side crystal case definitely recommended."
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
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Service & support  
13th October, 2008
"Ah if only all online ordering and shipping were as fast and prompt as Home of Poi. I ordered something here in Germany and it was here at my door in 5 business days flat. I'm afraid I can't provide any feedback on support primarily because everything went so smoothly and I had absolutely no problems. Thanks again Home of Poi."
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