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Purchase Multi-Color LED Poi ball  
20th February, 2006
Soft glow LEDs
"I cant say enough about these poi! They are by far and away the BEST LEDs Ive ever used! The trans from color to color is flawless and beautiful. The soft glow poi are so bright and have a wonderful weight to them for a smooth spin. Other LEDs I've used are either too heavy too hard or just dont look very good. These are perfect! And I got them in under a week from New Zealand to Texas! Thanks you SO much Hop!"
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
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Service & support  
20th February, 2006
Bloody fast!
"I am TRULY impressed! I ordered a set of soft glows on Saturday got the confirmation they were shipped on a Sunday and was told they would be here (Texas) in 9 14 days. Its the following Saturday and I just got them in the mail 6 days from when they were shipped!"
, USA  [Verified Buyer]
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