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Poi- flow...efficiency. Learning. Camping. Fire. Fireworks. Hiking. Skipping across rocks. Running. Reading. Nature. Learning. Night-time. Inclement weather, especially thunderstorms.

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13th September, 2010
High quality that lasts
"Yo - Just wanted to say thank you for making high quality products. I still have my original monkey fist wicks that I have been using religiously at least once a week. After all this time and something just over 400 burns they still hold fuel well and burn nicely. I've taken great care of them and it shows. The fact that they are still a working tool is a testament to the quality you put out there and thought you should know about it."
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13th July, 2009
Monkey Fist
"Definitely top-notch gear. I just bought a new pair of 2.5 monkey fist wicks and only because I wanted to have another setup ready to go with them. My original HOP monkey fist wicks are still going strong...15 months later and I burn at least once a week. Usually multiple times on that day. I honestly can't believe that they are still in such great serviceable condition after all this time. High score on quality again from HOP!"
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Service & support  
13th May, 2008
First Time Customer
"The service from this company and website are phenomonal - everything was included in the order and it arrived several days earlier then I expected. The products recieved were of the quality advertised and exceeded my expectations by far - finding a good company is a hard thing in this day and age and they have made a lifelong loyal customer."
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