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...Any skill of the tactile type

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Rising from the flames
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     23rd August, 2008
Fantastic Equipment
"This staff has the best weighted piece of equipment I've ever used it's almost effortless. I'm not very advanced with short staff but it looked like fun doing doubles so I got one to see if I liked it enough to get another for doubles. I was doing things I had never been able to do with my own makes the very first night like I had always known how to do it. The ability to throw this thing 40 feet in the air and get an even catch is astounding. The handle grip is also fantastic and it twirls through the fingers perfectly. so far it seems seems steady. I slightly worry that the leather strands that help the grip so much might one day break but so far they seem plenty steady so I don't think it's much to worry about. The shipping lately seems much slower than normal at 2.5 weeks. I figured it would get here before a show I was doing but was too late by 4 days. Still I will certainly be getting a second one. It's worth the wait. Thank You HOP"
Jessie Eckles, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
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