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Purchase Crystal Case  
29th April, 2009
Wouldn't spin without them!
"These crystal cases are an essential addition to any flowlight set. They also help the flowlights achieve a very workable weight while spinning while not affecting the flight of the poi or the usability. Changing modes is very easy to do with these cases and are very friendly with quicklinks. They're built with a sturdy construction with the added ability to diffuse light in a gentle but not overbearing manner. I can trust these with impacts and dropping which is very key with the fragility of flowlights. They're definitely worth every penny!"
, Canada  [Verified Buyer]
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Service & support  
28th April, 2009
Thouroughly impressed
"I am incredibly happy with my most recent order with HoP. My gear arrived within two weeks of my order to Nova Scotia Canada. I have never experienced such quick service before. On top of that when placing my order it was put on hold because they wanted to make sure an extra request was handled properly. After learning that my request wasn't available we agreed to put my order straight through. I can't wait to go play with my new flags crystal cases and to load up my batteries. But first I had to say thank you. I've been a customer for 2 years now and I'll be more than happy to order again. You have the best customer service I have ever come across in a company and a wonderful variety of product. You've made my day!"
, Canada  [Verified Buyer]
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