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BRONZE Member since Aug 2007
Registered on: 21st Aug 2007
Last active: 4th Jul 2009

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Smile of circle
Peace Memorial, Hiroshima, Japan
fire spirit
Raging in Rohan
Nice Throw!
Creepy hoop
Bendy Practice
Fire and Ink
Bound H2H
The priestess of flame
1 ball, 2 bags and an apple
Fans of fire
Wook assassin
Bending BabaYaga
Poi on Ice
Spin Designs are Your Fingerprints
sky above me, earth below me, fire within me.
Freezing Toes and Contact Flows
All the ballz!
Stare into the light
Fighting fire with water
Lag BaOmer Show
Garden Stock
interpretation of UK weather!
black and white poi
Zoo under the marcos
The Peak
The Fiery Kiss

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