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18th February, 2008
"Well I haven't used it yet so Ill update when I do. I'm making a staff this wednesday! I'm really excited"
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23rd October, 2007
beautiful flags
"These are so bright! amazing like previous comments the pictures don't do justice to how bright they are. Aside from the wonderful color they spin so nice! Though learning a little differently now because the different shape of the poi I LOVE IT! they are perfect. Thank you"
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Service & support  
11th September, 2007
Thank you for the little things that make our days brighter
"I ordered the deep blue sock poi for my younger brothers birthday and had them sent here under his name. They are beautiful. But what I loved to no end was that I requested there to be a little birthday note put into the bag with the poi. And you guys did that for me. Thank you so much; he was so excited when I got home from work and he was playing with his first set of poi. Thank you again. -Jenny"
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