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Eastbourne, UK


Unicycle, Diabolo, Poi, Staff, Photography, Kyacking, Predictable Clichs and talking to inanimate objects.


[b]Skatto[/b] "Fly like a mouse, Run like a cushion, Be the small bookcase." [i]For goodness sake, don't aggravate the otters!!![/i]

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I've always wanted to try some aerial stuff, but have never had the opportunity. Looks crazy fun.

My local circus skills club just bought a slackline. Its even harder than it looks!!! It's a lot harder than the tightrope, in my opinion. I've got no tips that haven't already been men...

My Inner Animal is the Metal Monkey, I was born in the year of the Metal Horse and in the hour of the Fire Snake.


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22nd January, 2007
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